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Zhuji Fuhao Rubber Co., Ltd is China Rubber Brake Diaphragms Suppliers and OEM Rubber Brake Diaphragms factory. we specializes in molded rubber, hoses, iron products, rubber diaphragms, truck brake chambers, etc. Cooperative customers include automobiles, construction machinery, mining machinery, home appliances and other customers. Our wholesale Rubber Brake Diaphragm passed the ISO9001 international quality certification. We are based in the mid-to-high-end market, and our products meet international standards and are exported all over the world. The company has strong technical force, advanced production equipment, advanced production process technology, and is well received by users.

Industry Knowledge

What is Rubber Brake Diaphragm?
A rubber brake diaphragm is a component used in certain types of braking systems, particularly in heavy-duty applications such as trucks and buses. The diaphragm is a flexible, rubber disc that is designed to flex and move when pressure is applied, allowing the brake to be engaged.
The rubber brake diaphragm is typically positioned between the brake chamber and the pushrod and is held in place by clamps or bolts. When the driver applies pressure to the brake pedal, the pushrod is moved forward, which in turn applies pressure to the diaphragm. The diaphragm flexes and moves, pushing a piston or lever that engages the brake.
Rubber brake diaphragms are designed to be durable and long-lasting, withstanding the high pressures and temperatures that can be generated by heavy-duty braking systems. They are typically made from high-quality rubber compounds that are resistant to wear, tear, and deformation.
Overall, rubber brake diaphragms play an important role in ensuring the safe and reliable operation of heavy-duty braking systems, helping to slow and stop vehicles quickly and efficiently.

Application of Rubber Brake Diaphragm
Rubber brake diaphragms are commonly used in air brake systems, which are often found in heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, buses, and trailers. These diaphragms are typically used in the brake chambers of the braking system, and they serve a critical function in the operation of the brakes.
When the driver applies the brake pedal, air pressure is supplied to the brake chamber, which forces the rubber brake diaphragm to move and engage the brake mechanism. The diaphragm effectively converts the air pressure into mechanical force, which applies the brakes and slows or stops the vehicle.
Rubber brake diaphragms are an important part of air brake systems, which are commonly used in heavy-duty applications due to their high braking power, reliability, and safety. These braking systems are typically more effective than hydraulic brakes, particularly for larger and heavier vehicles, and they are also less prone to overheating and other issues that can affect hydraulic brakes.
Overall, rubber brake diaphragms are a critical component in ensuring the safe and reliable operation of air brake systems, helping to prevent accidents and ensure that heavy-duty vehicles can be brought to a stop quickly and efficiently.

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